What Help Can Teeth Cleaning and Whitening Services Provide?

Chicago Teeth Cleaning  Whitening

Using professional Chicago teeth cleaning and whitening services can be an effective way to improve your oral health. The process can help to brighten your smile and boost your confidence. The results are usually lasting between six months and two years. If you are considering a dental restoration, be sure to schedule your whitening appointment before you have the work done.

Some people are prone to stained teeth, especially those who consume dark beverages like coffee and wine. If you want your teeth to be whiter, you should consider using a whitening toothpaste and maintaining a regular oral hygiene regimen. You should also avoid smoking, which can discolor your teeth.

In addition, you should make sure you brush your teeth after meals, as this will remove particles that stain your teeth. Aside from that, you should be careful with your diet. Try to steer clear of berries and highly staining foods. You should also consider keeping a regular dental cleaning schedule, which is often recommended by your dentist.

Before you begin the whitening process, your dentist will need to remove any plaque and tartar from your teeth. He will then assess the condition of your teeth and recommend a course of action. In some cases, he will even polish your teeth. After you have gotten the whitening treatment, you should maintain a “white diet,” which means eating foods that are light in color and avoiding foods that stain your teeth. You should also use a mouthwash to reduce the amount of plaque in your mouth.

You can expect to see a big difference in the way your teeth look after a whitening procedure. You can get results that are up to eight times whiter than your original shade. After your whitening procedure, you may need to visit your dentist for touch ups at certain intervals.

Some dental offices such as Lux Smiles Chicago offer in-office whitening, which produces immediate results. The process involves a prescription strength whitening gel that is applied to your teeth for a period of time. The whitening gel then begins the oxidation process, which breaks down stains and makes your teeth appear white.

You can also use a teeth whitening tray at home, which is portable and can be taken anywhere. The tray is placed on your teeth for 30 minutes. When the optimum shade of white has been reached, you can then remove the tray. This can be used for business trips or vacations. However, the results may not last long.

Another option is to have a dental lab create restorations that match the surrounding teeth. This can be done in either yellow or brilliant white. When the surrounding teeth are white, the restorations will be in the same color.

You should avoid cigarette smoke, which can discolor your teeth. Other factors that can cause discoloration are bad oral health habits and the age of your teeth. The best way to prevent staining is to have regular teeth cleanings. This will help to eliminate plaque from your teeth and increase the strength of your enamel.